What are employment rights like in Ireland?

Ireland has extensive equality legislation that prohibits discrimination in employment and access to services on a number of grounds including nationality, race and gender among others.

Irish workers have very strong workplace entitlements, including at least four weeks’ annual leave per year, in addition to 10 public holidays; 26 weeks’ maternity leave; and two weeks’ paternity leave.

More information on these and further entitlements can be found here

What tax will I pay?

You will pay tax (PAYE), social insurance (PRSI) and universal social charge (USC) contributions in the same way as Irish people.

Tax is payable on earnings of all kinds that result from your employment. Employees have entitlements to tax credits which reduce the amount of income tax that you have to pay.

You can find lots of useful information on the Revenue.ie website here

And also on the Citizens information website here