How easy is it to travel to Ireland, and inside Ireland?

Ireland has several international airports, including Dublin, Cork, Shannon, Ireland West (Knock) and Kerry, which makes Ireland a gateway to many countries. Dublin airport alone has almost 1,000 flights each week to more than 100 European cities, as well as over 100 direct flights each week to the USA, and over 40 to the Middle East and Africa. There are also regular ferry services to the UK and France.

For travel within Ireland, an extensive, high-quality motorway network connects major cities and towns, getting you to your destination in good time. Cities and larger towns in Ireland are connected with bus and inter-city trains. It is possible to travel to even the most remote locations in Ireland from Dublin in less than four hours.

If you wish to explore coastal areas and nearby islands, there are numerous ferry services connecting the mainland to islands such as The Aran Islands, Inishbofin, and the Skellig Islands. For cycling enthusiasts, Ireland has a variety of cycling routes and trails suitable for different skill levels and interests, including the popular routes along the Wild Atlantic Way, Great Western Greenway, and the Ring of Kerry.

Can I drive in Ireland on my existing licence?

To drive in Ireland, you must have a valid driving licence, your vehicle must be taxed on an annual basis and you must have insurance. Full driving licences from all other EU member states (and some other countries) are recognised for use in Ireland:• Australia
• Canada (but not from all provinces)
• Gibraltar
• Guernsey
• Isle of Man
• Japan
• Jersey
• South Africa
• Republic of Korea (South Korea)
• Switzerland
• New Zealand
• Taiwan
• UK

If your driving licence was issued by a country that is not recognised for driving licence exchange, you cannot exchange your licence for an Irish licence. Instead, you will need to take the test for an Irish driving license. However, when you have your learner permit, you will only need to take six essential driver training (EDT) lessons instead of the usual twelve lessons. See the National Driver Licence Service for more details.
If you want to bring your car to Ireland you need to know about importing and implications for Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT).