You’re never too far from home

Ireland is a major hub between Europe and the rest of the world. With five international airports, you can, for example, be in London, Frankfurt or Amsterdam in two hours, and there are frequent direct flights to many destinations around the world. There are regular passenger ferries between Ireland and the UK, France and Spain

Working for the Irish Health Service Executive (HSE)

The Irish health service has a rich tradition of welcoming staff from all around the world, and a large proportion of current HSE staff have moved here from abroad. We offer attractive pay and benefits, professional supervision, career support and development opportunities, friendly colleagues, and an excellent quality of life.

A guide to living in Ireland

We will help provide information and practical advice about living and working in Ireland, and all you need to know about making the move. That includes advice on accommodation, banking, taxation, the education and healthcare systems, as well as how to get around once you arrive.

Relocation package

Moving to a different country can be costly. To help alleviate some of the initial costs for flights and accommodation, there is a generous relocation package available.