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Frequently Asked Questions

HSE Career Hub is a site to engage prospective candidates in relation to job alerts to notify them of suitable vacancies being advertised by the HSE. Once registered, candidates will receive regular emails with links to job adverts based on their saved preferences.  
  1. An email account
  2. Your First Name and Last Name
  3. A strong password (Password must be at least 8 characters including, lowercase, uppercase, symbols, and numbers)
  4. Your preference of Staff Category, Grade, County, and HSE Area for job alerts.


  1. Go to HSE Career Hub
  2. Follow the three-step process to register
  3. Set your preferences when prompted
  4. Go to the email account you have registered with and click on the link sent to activate your account
  5. Once activated, the weekly job alert email will be sent to the registered email address.
  6. Please note- CV cannot be submitted at this stage, if you wish to apply for a particular post, each job alert will have an application form attached which you will be required to submit as per the details on the job advert.


Rezoomo is a recruitment software provider. HSE Career Hub has partnered with Rezoomo to use this software to enable candidates to register and receive tailored job alerts for the vacancies advertised on HSE website.


Yes, you can register using HSE email account. However, a personal email account is recommended.


Out of the four preference options for job alerts, the only mandatory field is ‘Staff Category’.


Each grade in HSE is assigned to one of the six broad staff categories. Staff categories typically group together roles that involve related work.


Every job has a Grade assigned to it. The grade will define what the role is, the necessary requirements for the role and some terms and conditions e.g. salary.


The counties of Ireland are different geographical areas of the island used in various contexts. There are 26 counties within the Republic of Ireland.


The HSE is broken into specific organisational units through which services are delivered. Some of these areas have geographic boundaries, some relate to a group of hospitals, and some relate to the service delivered.


HSE jobs are advertised at Jobs – HSE.ie.


You may set preferences as follows –

  1. Staff Category – only one option can be selected
  2. Grade – you can select as many options as you want to be notified for
  3. County – you can select as many options as you want to be notified for
  4. HSE Area – you can select as many options as you want to be notified for


The contact email address for any query regarding Career Hub is careerhub@hse.ie.

For any vacancy-specific query please use the contact details within the job advert itself.


No, you cannot save the registration form at any step. You are encouraged to gather the information and complete the form in one sitting. Registration is completed in three simple steps and is estimated to take less than 5 minutes.


The activation link is valid for 24 hours from when the registration form was submitted. Please activate your account within this time.


In the weekly email you receive with jobs that match your preferences, you will have an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. Simply click the unsubscribe link and you will no longer receive weekly emails.

Note: if you unsubscribe from job alerts your data will still be in the HSE Career Hub. To permanently remove your data from the HSE Career Hub click on the FAQ below.


To permanently remove your data from the HSE Carer Hub do the following:

  1. Go to www.Rezoomo.com
  2. Log in to your account with the details you used in registering for the career hub
  3. In the top right-hand corner of your dashboard, click on “edit profile”.
  4. Scroll down to “Candidate Privacy Dashboard”
  5. Click on the “Right to be Forgotten” section
  6. You will see a company name called “HSE Career Hub”.
  7. Click on the “forget” button and your data will be permanently removed from the HSE Career Hub

Note: this action cannot be undone. If you wish to resubmit your details you can go back to HSE CareerHub


Some networks like the HSE network have restrictions on accessing gmail domain due to company policy. You are requested to kindly use another internet network to access your activation email or weekly job notification emails on your gmail email address.

HSE Career Hub Webpage does not support the browser – Internet Explorer. Please use browsers like Microsoft Edge, Chrome or Safari to open the page.


A national campaign is a campaign that is run by our National Recruitment Service. It may have positions in a number of HSE counties.

(Note – At application stage a candidate will be able to choose the area where they wish to work.)