Why Ireland

While renowned for scenic beauty, lush countryside, rugged coastlines and picturesque villages, Ireland's cities are a thriving combination of modern life and vitality with rich, cultural backdrops.

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Working for the Irish Health Service Executive (HSE)

The Irish health service has a rich tradition of welcoming staff from all around the world, and a large proportion of current HSE staff have moved here from abroad.

The attractive pay and benefits, availability of work, friendly people, and excellent quality of life have made Ireland an increasingly popular place for foreign healthcare workers.

A Guide to Living in Ireland

We know that moving to a new country can trigger a lot of emotions from excitement and hopefulness to anxiety, frustration and uncertainty.

We can help provide information and practical advice about living and working in Ireland, and all you need to know about making the move.

Travelling Around Ireland

Travelling around Ireland is relatively easy, with multiple transport options linking the four corners of the Emerald Isle.

Ireland has an extensive road network and public transportation links, including trains, buses, and light rail services.