What about education and childcare?

Ireland has a high standard of education and most schools are free up to the age of 18 years. The government provides free pre-school education for two years, as well as a subsidy to help parents pay for childcare. There are a range of options for Primary and Secondary level education, including State-run, multi-denominational schools; schools run by various religious orders; and private, fee-paying schools.

The Third Level education sector consists of universities, institutes of technology, and colleges of education. Most undergraduate students attending publicly funded Third Level courses do not have to pay tuition fees.

Your family and the health services

In most cases, Ireland’s hospitals and health care services are publicly funded and therefore free of charge.

A visit to the family doctor costs an average of €60 per visit. Children under eight are free. You may be eligible for a Medical Card or GP card, which entitles you to additional free medical care. Under the Drugs Payment Scheme, you and your family only have to pay a maximum of €80 per month for approved prescribed drugs and medicines. Private medical insurance is also an option.

I have a beloved pet – can I bring them to Ireland?

To prevent the introduction of rabies or other diseases into Ireland, pets must be imported under strict controls. To facilitate safe pet transport, the EU’s Passports for Pets scheme allows cats, dogs, and ferrets to travel between member states and countries that participate. Further information can be found here