Financial assistance to help your move

Is there any financial assistance to help me to make the move?

Yes! The HSE offers a International Relocation Package, as we understand that relocation can be a significant expense.
There is up to €4,160 available to candidates moving from EU/UK countries and €4,710 available to candidates moving from Non-EU countries to assist with the cost of flights and initial accommodation.

In addition, if you are employed for at least two years on a ‘fixed term’ contract, and you return to your home country at the end of the contract, you can claim up to €800 towards a return flight.

Other initial costs, such as visa and professional registration fees, are payable on your behalf, as part of the International Relocation Package.

Who is eligible for the relocation allowance?
All HSE staff on contracts of a minimum of two years, who are relocating from an international location, are eligible for the International Relocation Package.

For all of the details on this comprehensive relocation package, download this information leaflet.